The sp_whopro™ script has the following license model: "Free Community License", "Enterprise License", "Service Provider License" and "Solution Provider License"; Please read the EULA for additional information.

"Free Community License" can be used for internal purposes (in any number of servers, including production servers), except in the following cases where you need an "Enterprise License": a.) if you would like to download or deploy the sp_whopro script for other users in your company or organization, b.) if you want to engage a third party consultant to analyze the collected data, c.) If you want to use a software, script or computer program from a third party or external consultant to process the collected data or d.) if you wish to get email support. "Free Community License" can also be used for automated processing of the data collected by the sp_whopro script, for analysis purposes or in order to set up alerts.

You can download and use the sp_whopro™ script in accordance with below described license types as long as the Copyright, License, About Us, rest of the header information and the entire script remains intact without any alteration or modification; furthermore, usage of sp_whopro script is subjected to all terms and conditions specified in the EULA located at, all other rights reserved. sp_whopro must not be sold, re-licensed, transferred or otherwise re-distributed, neither wholly nor partly, without SQL Consulting GmbH's written permission.

The sp_whopro script is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

The cost of the "Enterprise License" is $45/ year.The "Enterprise License" grants simultaneous access to all computers on one physical site/ geographic location.
sp_whopro Enterprise License

If you are a consultant or service provider and wish to use the sp_whopro script as part of your services to a third party, you require a "Service Provider License".
If you are a software developer or a solution provider and wish to use the sp_whopro script in your products, wholly or partly, you require a "Solution Provider License".
The "Free Community License" is incompatible with "Enterprise License", "Service Provider License", "Solution Provider License" or with any third party usage.

List of Licensed Service and Solution Providers 

Please contact us at to acquire the appropriate license.

The sp_whopro(TM) script is registered with the US Copyright Office, Registration Number: TXu001920835. 

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