sp_whopro™ Change Log

This page lists the changes to sp_whopro since its initial release, Version 100. For latest EULA refer to http://www.sqldownload.com/eula.

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Version 101:

Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int error related to @columns parameter TRANSACTIONS reported by Mats Remman, Norway, was fixed.

EULA update: Free “Free Community License” can be used for automated processing of the data collected by use of the sp_whopro script, for analysis purpose or in order to set up alerts; There is no need for “Enterprise License” for this type of usage.

Version 102:

Supports SQL Azure.

Tables sqlws_dm_exec_requests, sqlws_dm_exec_connections and sqlws_dm_exec_sessions have ctime, the collection time column that can be used for data purging. Tables sqlws_input_buffer, sqlws_dm_exec_sql_text, sqlws_dm_exec_query_plan, sqlws_dm_exec_text_query_plan, sqlws_dm_exec_query_plan_checksum and sqlws_dm_exec_plan_attributes have ctime, the collection time, in addition rtime, the last reference time and rcount, the reference count column has been added that can be used for data purging.

While saving data, schema name can be specified along with database name in the format: 'database_name[.schema_name]', in addition database_name can have special characters, when specified with delimiter ‘[‘ and ‘]’.

Input parameters are not case sensitive anymore.

Column parameter ‘INPUTPARAMETERS’ has been added to output input parameter that can be saved part of save option.

Session parameter ‘NODDL’ has been added to not perform DDL statements like create or alter table part of 'SAVE' option.

Various bugs have been fixed

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